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sexpolls's Journal

So how do YOU like it!!!
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lonewolf73 decided to he really put WAY to many polls of a sexual nature in his journal. But with his quest to find out as much as he possibly could about human sexuality from REAL people, he had to come up with some way to continue.
So that brings us here!
Welcome one and all to sexpolls!!!

Oh, When you join, let's give us all a little introduction of yourself.... Cut and paste and fill out the following "New Member Poll"

How long have you been sexually active?:
How many partners?:
Turn Ons:
Turn Offs:
Anything Else?:
How did you find sexpolls?:

Just one rule really, though this place is not required to be 18 and over, I will hope that all here will act as mature adults. No flaming, spamming, or any of those other "ing" things that cause drama!

Let's keep it fun, entertaining, and educational!!!
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